About Us

Zachary Pearson: Owner                                           Zac was born in Providence RI and grew up in Brooklyn CT. He attended Woodstock Academy, class of 2013. Shortly after graduation he made the choice to join the Navy as a Nuclear Machinists Mate and advanced to the rank of First Class Petty Officer in 2019. Zac and his beautiful wife Zoe currently reside in Jewett City CT with their four fur-children: Bonnie, Romeo, Stewie & Thomas. Zac began his firearm industry career in 2019 when he started assisting his friends and family with assembling their own firearms and realized how much he enjoyed working on them. Already having a love for shooting and working on firearms, with extensive planning and research, he established Swamp Yankee Arms LLC with the intent of increasing availability and streamlining the process of purchasing firearm parts and accesories. Zac is dedicated to providing a personal touch to the online shooting retail marketplace. "One day, I am gonna sell more guns than Uncle Sam".
Michael Covington: Co-Owner                                      Michael joined Swamp Yankee Arms LLC in 2020 as a financial consultant and partner. He was born is Newberg OR in 1985 where he lived until moving to Las Vegas with his father at 3 years old. This is where his love of guns started. His father would take him shooting in the dessert or hunting when they visited family in Mississippi. At 19 years old he joined the Navy as a Navigation Electronics Technician. He continued his love affair with firearms while in the Navy always taking the opportunity to get more (Because who doesn’t want more guns?). He completed 7 deployments in the Navy to include a tour in Afghanistan in 2012. He is currently stationed in Groton, CT where he intends to finish his career and retire.